Sunny Smiles Childcare in Tamworth
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Sunny Smiles Childcare Tamworth Staffordshire


Opening times: Monday - Friday 7.00am - 6.00pm (should you require services outside these hours please do contact me to discuss your requirements).

Meals -  Parents provide packed lunch or ready cooked meals. Healthy snacks and drinks are provided.

Outings – We often visit many parks far and near, our favourites being – Sutton Park, Pooley Country Park, Rosliston Forestry Centre, Hartshill Hayes Country Park and Kingsbury Water Park. We also plan a special annual summer outing every year… Summer 2012 we visited Conkers

Group Meetings – Our children meet up on a weekly basis with ‘Chatter Chums’ and during the Spring and Summer months ‘Nature Tots’.

Library - Every week the children take home a Sunny Smiles library book to share at home and occasionally we visit ‘Tamworth Library’.

Our Daily Routine – NB: our daily routine may change due to children’s needs or depending on the activities we have planned.


7.00  am

Greet and welcome children and parents

8.30  am

Lakeside School Drop Off

9.10  am

Snack time – Choice of freshly prepared fruit/wholemeal toast/yogurt etc. Drinks – Milk/freshly squeezed juice/squash/water.

9.30  am

Adult led activity and morning play (free flow)

11.45 am

Tidy up time for everyone/wash hands ready for lunch


Lunch time with Music or TV

12.45 pm

Sleeps and quiet time if required. Free flow play            

2.45  pm

Tidy up time for everyone/Story

3.00  pm

Lakeside School Pick Up

3.30  pm

Snack time – Choice of freshly prepared fruit/wholemeal toast/yogurt etc. Drinks – Milk/freshly squeezed juice/squash/water.

4.45  pm

Weather permitting – free flow play/homework and collection time


Enabling the children to learn through their play, we plan and make all activities exciting and very inviting to our children, our activities include:

  • Phonic sessions (letters & sounds)
  • Story/singing/dancing/exercise and show & tell  (circle time)
  • Small world and Role-play
  • Creative play – including painting, gluing, cooking and gardening
  • Free flow play – Our Playroom opens onto a large undercover area offering opportunities for open-ended and experimenting play
  • Messy play including water, sand, gloop, and mud



Each child in my care has their own development profile folder. The folder shows current learning goals applicable for your child and through a series of written observations and photographs it will show how we are working towards achieving these early learning goals (ELG). This folder is shared with you on a regular basis for your feedback and input. At the end of your child’s pre-school time, the profile enables smooth transition between Sunny Smiles Childcare and your child‘s new school.



Each child under 3 has a daily diary into which I record details of their day. The diary stays in your child’s book bag and goes home to you each day. The diary may include - details of activities under taken that day - food eaten - sleeps - nappy changes and any other information I feel you may like to know about your child’s day. It will sometimes include a snapshot photo of a special moment from that day giving you a more rounded insight into the care of your child. Children 3 and over, information will be passed verbally before and at the end of our childminding day.

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