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Sunny Smiles Childcare Tamworth Staffordshire

My Aim

Sunny Smiles Childcare - Our aims and objectives

To treat all children as individuals and strive to ensure that their needs are met to the highest standards. I accept and value children from all walks of life, cultures, faiths, and abilities. Ultimately I believe that every child is special and that they all deserve to be cared for in a safe, healthy, secure and loving environment. I want every parent to feel happy in the knowledge that while they are working their precious little ones have been left in such an environment where they can continue to develop and grow into happy, contented and confident individuals.. I want to give your child the best possible care he or she can have outside their own home.

Government Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
From September 2008, all Early Years settings, including Childminders have had to work to the EYFS principles that have been set down by Every Child Matters, which is a government agenda focusing on bringing together services to support children and families.

The EYFS brings together: Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (2000), the Birth to Three Matters (2002) framework and the National Standards for Under 8s Day care and Childminding (2003), building a coherent and flexible approach to care and learning. All providers are required to use the EYFS to ensure that whatever setting parents choose, they can be confident that their child will receive a quality experience that supports their development and learning.

What does this mean for your Child?

From September 2008, I will be observing and formally recording my observations on your child under the six main areas of Learning and Development. This will help me to ensure I remain focused on developing your child. I provide a range of activities and stimuli to enhance their constant progression. You are welcome to see these observations at any time or discuss issues around the EYFS with me.

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